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Time Left Until The Session will INCREASE in Price


Frequently Asked Questions

* Who is it for? Who is it NOT for?

My service is for women who want learn about their body shape, what fabric suits them, and how how to use my style technique to level up their wardrobe.

My service is NOT for men. 

* How long does the consultaion take?

Depends on YOU. However, it usually takes 30 minutes up to a full hour.

* What does the style consultaion include?

It includes a me assessing your figure characteristics, measuring your body, and later giving you a detailed report of my advice of what to wear.

* How much is the style consultation?

It currently costs 25 KD ($83) per consultaion up until December 31, 2018 before it INCREASES in price.

* How much is the closet clean up session?

It's an addition of 25 KD ($83). No, the closet clean up session will NOT increase in price. 

* How much is the total package of the consultation and the closet clean up session?

It will be 25 KD ($83) + 25 KD ($83) = 50 KD ($166) TOTAL.

* Is the closet clean up session optional?

YES - you don't have to use it. 

* Do I have to pay for the consultation first in order to get the closet clean up season?

Yes. In order for me to assess you correctly before trying to advice you on what to keep and what to donate.

* Where does the style consultation takes place?

If you're in Kuwait, the consultaion will take place at the convenient of your own home. If you're NOT in Kuwait, the consultation will take place through Skype

* Will you go shopping with me?

No, that's an additional service you can ask about after the style consultation and the closet clean up session.

* How do I pay?

After joining me, you'll receive an email with the booking link. After booking your appointment, you will receive a link to pay online BEFORE the apointment takes place. 

* Can I pay by cash?

No, I prefer by online payment.

* Will you offer a guarantee?

YES! See description below.


"I had a consultation, received a detailed report, and ended up with closet clean up with fashion designer and stylist Hadeel Al Musallam. The experience was invaluable in every aspect. I used to follow the "trial and error" approach when choosing clothes. After consultation with Hadeel, everything has changed. Among other things, she informed me what my body type is and what are the "right" clothes to wear. My shopping experience became more efficient. I no longer choose items based on color and fabric only, visit the fitting room with a pile of clothes, and end up with few items that "seem" ok. The closet clean up procedure was very interesting. Hadeel proposed minor tweaks on a few outfits which I stopped wearing, but not anymore :) I strongly recommend booking a session with her. Thank you Hadeel and I wish you all the best". 

- Thirty-something Client from Kuwait. 

When Hadeel Al-Musallam said that she started giving style consultations I thought to myself what is style consultations and do I need one? I know how to dress up!! But then after listening to her videos that says more about the session and what I would learn and get out of it I was definitely IN and wanted to learn more about this area, since I co-own a garments company I thought this would very much help me! She came to me and got all the info. she needed, and after 2 days she came back with her report which was, for me, very very very helpful and I now know what body shape I have, what colors look better on me, and most importantly now shopping will be much much easier since now I know what to look for instead of wandering around the mall as usual. Thank you for making shopping more fun and easy!

- Asma Al Bader from Kuwait.

I had a meeting with Hadeel and I asked her how to hide my belly. She showed me exactly how to hide it by certain techniques of choosing the right fabric and cut. I have learned a lot even more than I expected! For example, the best shape of sunglasses, shoes, and much more! Thank you Hadeel for your work! I never thought at my age I could benefit from a stylist like you. God bless you!

- Mrs. Samia Al Sultan from Kuwait.


I guarantee your SATISFACTION. If there is ANYTHING you're not satisfied about, I hereby GUARANTEE your money back. 

Try my services for a full month, and see what kind of results you get. I'm so confident you’ll be happy after a month of using my service that I will offer you a full refund of the original purchase price for up to a month.

Try it out and see what happens for you – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact me at info @ hadeelalmusallam.com and I'll offer you a refund with no questions asked.

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